The year 2020 was an unprecedented period due to COVID-19. Individual lives have changed and business practices have also changed. But such hardships necessitate adaptations. Therefore, Ashgar’s Services Inc. was born out of this potential; a fruitful alternative that adapts to challenges.

Ashgar’s Services Inc. was founded in 2020 in Vancouver, British Columbia. The company’s vision and mission are to deliver optimal financial and social services with convenience and satisfaction. To achieve these goals, Ashgar’s Services Inc. is changing the way services are delivered. The company will work around your schedule and deliver various services to you in the way that best suits your unique needs. Whether it is online, over the phone, or in-person, Ashgar’s Services Inc. will fulfill your needs and steer you away from the unnecessary complications that come with conventional office practices.

We look forward to connecting with you and contributing varied skillsets towards providing you with a convenient service-delivery experience!


An online and mobile hub for delivering financial and social services with convenience and satisfaction.


Simplify complex processes by providing the optimal outcome for clients’ needs through convenient delivery of financial and social services.


Ibrahim is the founder of Ashgar’s Services Inc.. Ibrahim always had a vision towards building his own business and becoming an entrepreneur. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in financial services. But ever since graduating, he has worked with non-profit organizations and government-funded programs mostly aimed at supporting newcomers with social and settlement needs. He loved working with and assisting diverse clientele from different backgrounds and age groups. Ibrahim channeled his passion to continue supporting communities by cultivating this company, where he combines his multifaceted educational and work experiences to deliver services with convenience.

Ibrahim is a sport and fitness enthusiast. Outside of working hours, you can find him practicing martial arts, playing soccer, or working out. Ibrahim has a unique sports resume full of achievements both nationally and internationally. He also co-founded a nonprofit society where he volunteers his time to organize fundraisers and events as well as manage the organization’s fiduciary responsibilities as the Treasurer.